Qiang Liu

Qiang Liu

Assistant Professor

Chinese Academy of Sciences

I’m an Assistant Professor at Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA). Currently, I mainly focus on data mining, recommender systems, text mining, knowledge graph and graph representation learning.

Before that, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at Tsinghua University. I was also a R&D Director at RealAI, where I led the machine learning team to work on AutoML and Explainable AI, for delivering products on FinTech. I received my PhD degree from CASIA, where I mainly focused on recommender systems and text mining.


  • Data Mining
  • Recommender Systems
  • Text Mining
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Graph Representation Learning


  • PhD in Artificial Intelligence, 2013-2018

    Institution of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA)

  • BSc in Electronic Science, 2009-2013

    Yanshan University